Photo Credit: Vernon Stephen

Photo Credit: Vernon Stephen

Activist Millennials Project

The Activist Millennials Project (AMP) serves as the nexus of activism and social justice research and practice for millennials at the intersections of educational institutions and communities. By harnessing a growing diverse network of activists, scholars, artists, social entrepreneurs, and media talent, we believe we can provide useful resources to support the various efforts of millennials to create a more just world. The project seeks to facilitate coalition building, development of grassroots campaigns, and social justice education & trainings. In addition, AMP engages in the production of research reports, policy briefs, original artwork, and film.

Black and Engaged

The purpose of the Black and Engaged (#BE16) project is to build sophisticated regional civic engagement trainings designed to educate, empower and align Black activists and advocates ages 18-40 who are actively a part of the ongoing Black liberation struggles across the country. BE 2016 focuses specifically on civic engagement and electoral activation rather than mobilizing and direct action. The Black and Engaged regional trainings, in partnership with various existing grassroots networks, and established progressive organizations and leaders will provide tools and skills-driven workshops to fill the gap between activism and electoral impact. The project by design serves as a strategic extension of various entities within the ecosphere of the contemporary Black liberation movement.

The Dream Defenders

The Dream Defenders is an organization directed by Black & Brown Youth, who confront systemic inequality by building our collective power. We defend the people's power to determine the destinies of their own communities. We defend the right of all to a quality education and to live lives free from police brutality, racial profiling, and mass incarceration.

Marcus Graham Project

The Marcus Graham Project is a national network of diverse professionals that have purposed themselves in developing the next generation of thought leadership within the advertising, media and marketing industry.  Our mission is to identify, expose, mentor and train ethnically diverse men and women in all aspects of the media industry, including advertising, entertainment and marketing. We desire to provide long-term access to information, technology, financial and human resources that will strategically develop a viable pool of talent and leadership within the industry.


COIN Program 

The Civic Opportunity Initiative Network (COIN) is a program of The New World Foundation that seeks to increase community capacity, creating opportunities for academic and leadership training for young leaders in order to help link them to grassroots community organizing in a sustainable way. COIN is based on the premise that service and education are important elements of active citizenship. COIN puts community based organizations (CBO's) at the center of this equation by empowering them to make deep connections with youth and families and use their knowledge of their own community to help prepare youth for college.

The Grad Prep Academy

The University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education Grad Prep Academy prepares undergraduate scholars for graduate study and research-related careers in the field of education. The project is also a longitudinal research study that enables us to analyze Black men’s pathways from undergraduate study through graduate degree programs and eventually into their careers.