A 'Whitesplaining' Email From Bruce

Dear Professor:

The last president bombed the shit out of people of color for 8 years.  I think it is not white, black but predatory policies not aligned whatsoever with the melena content present in skin.  Divisive  rhetoric will actually cause more divisiveness. But you know this, you are a PHD so this must be your intent.  


Bruce Scheer

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A Dangerous Precedent in Higher Education

Since 2014, at least four states have adopted policies that address the discontinuation of campus “free speech zones” at public colleges and universities, which effectively repealed previous policies that limited where students could lawfully engage in demonstrations. This includes the state of Missouri, which, after the killing of black teenager Michael Brown and collective action by Concerned Students 1950 at the University of Missouri, Columbia, was the ostensible epicenter of protests that swept the nation.

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In Defense of Survivors

On November 13, 2013, entertainment news (read tabloid) company TMZ uncovered a police report naming Florida State University freshman quarterback and Heisman frontrunner, Jameis Winston. This is not an essay about Jameis Winston, per se. I will not engage in speculating about the nature of Winston’s involvement or his understanding of happenings other than those defended to be consensual. I do, however, wish to address broader topics and systems of oppression converging to create an familiar narrative about rape culture, sport, and exceptionalism in defense of rape survivors.

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More Children Left Behind?

This weekend, town halls in association with NBC News’ Education Nation introduced a number of different concerns within our nation’s educational system. Dr. Melissa Harris Perry hosted several students whom brought to the fore their concerns related to school safety, criminalization of youth, unfair academic standards, and additional social and economic challenges impeding their success and that of their peers. While much of my current work examines issues social justice organizing in education, particularly student activism in college, I want to use this space to engage an ongoing concern for K-12 educators and students, the Common Core State Standards (CSSS).

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You Are Not Alone: Black Male Feminists In Action

Male feminism, and Black male feminism in particular, are relatively new topics within the male-female discourses. With the growing global dissatisfaction and intolerance for injustice, especially the now highly-visible oppression of women and girls, this conversation is as pertinent as ever.

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