Photo Credit: Donté McGuire

Photo Credit: Donté McGuire

Wait. So, you're a photographer too?

I don't consider myself a photographer, per se, but I hope, one day, I might be remembered as one. I've always been interested in the visual arts and, because I believe we are the things in which we invest, I also believe artists are never bound by any one dimension of their crafts. That being said, I enjoy the ways in which photos, specifically, can capture moments in time never to be repeated. And, for me, the opportunity to take snap shots of those moments (as I see them) is an opportunity worth exploring.

Photo Galleries

Below are a few galleries of my work from my travels and experiences. More individual photos and photo galleries are also available here.  Continue to check the site for updates and, if you're interested in something I've shot (or working together), drop me a line.