Peace, family.

Thanks for dropping by to learn more about me, my work, and indulge my various musings about a little of this, that, and the other. Currently I am the Director of Higher Education Research and Initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania Center for the Study of Race & Equity in Education. As the director, I am primarily responsible for managing our portfolio of postsecondary services to include campus climate assessments, diversity trainings and workshops, executive education programs, equity institutes and other professional learning experiences for college faculty and administrators, and commissioned studies related to equity issues in higher education. 

My own scholarly research broadly examines the use of digital media in contemporary student organizing and social movements in college. I recently completed an two-year ethnographic study of college student organizers in Florida. This study was done in conjunction with the Activist Millennials Project, which serves as the nexus of research and practice for millennials engaged in activism and social justice organizing at the intersections of educational institutions and communities. Additionally, I am in the process of developing a digital and visual ethnography from my study entitled Flourish™.

My other research and writing has focused on the racialized and gendered experiences of college students, particularly among African American men. Most recently my work as a Visiting Research Fellow at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University has continued this work, focusing on understanding the ways in which Black men develop pro-feminist and anti-homophobic masculinities in college. In addition, as an inaugural research associate with the the Center, I contributed to research on the administration of the Grad Prep Academy and Institutional Change for Black Male Success Project. While at the University of Arizona I also served as a research specialist for the 'Getting Connected' project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which examined the role of social media technology in community college student success, under the direction of principle investigators Regina Deil-Amen and Cecilia Rios-Aguilar

Outside of the academy, I am engaged in service work through various social and professional organizations, programs, and initiatives, particularly those related to education and social change. In addition, I facilitate educational workshops, informative presentations, and inspirational speeches at various colleges & universities, K-12 schools, and non-profit organizations around the country. I recently collaborated with TVOne/RadioOne/InteractiveOne to host and executive produce "Saving Tomorrow, Today," an 22-minute documentary on the challenges facing Black youth in schools and the innovative solutions to support and sustain their social and academic success. Some of my written work has been featured on Ebony.comHBCU Digest, Black, and Clutch Magazine while also serving as an on-air contributor to segments on Huffington Post Live, 900AM WURD Philadelphia, and local news affiliates in various cities.

I also do a lot of this, that, and really encourage you to visit this, all about which you can read here in-between other posts about identity politics, (higher) education, media, and social justice. If you are interested any of my work or speaking at your institution, drop me a line using the contact form or e-mail me directly at charles[at]hfdavis[dot]com. More detailed information regarding my work can also be found on my CV.

I look forward to building with you in the future. Peace.